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高端装备概念股出售杨木Don't wait for him to speak, someone can't wait to open the gate, when lyu3 bu4 army arrived outside the city, the gate has been opened, liao hua with patronage, wang yong and the city soldiers at the gate.Han sui know machine way: "I would like to follow khan, a total of broken king's court."

At the same time, xianbei king's court, step root hurriedly came to the camp of kui head: "eldest brother, bad."In the past, No matter what Addis did, Even in the Western Regions, He didn't even feel that way, Because even further apart, lyu3 bu4 also know, if you really want to see her daughter, at any time, but now, that kind of sudden arrival of loneliness, let lyu3 bu4 finally realized why so many fathers see son-in-law not pleasing to the eye, now lyu3 bu4 is that feeling, in addition, at this moment, he suddenly some homesick.Xu togeher stood up and said coldly, "I was sincere and congenial. It seems that the duke tsao didn't believe me. In that case, xu togeher quit."高端装备概念股"Eldest brother, for..." Step root very don't understand to look at the head, want to say what, but has been stopped by the head.

高端装备概念股Some are ashamed, but wait for a lot of is proud, sweet smile way: "Sure enough, temuzhen adult is much better than step to root that don't understand the style of the reckless man."In the gate, male broad sea bloody, like the evil spirits climbing out of hell, almost can't see the human form, a title of generals in ancient times under carelessly was strangled with a rope, dragged out of the camp, followed by a dozen long spear knife stabbed toward the title of title of generals in ancient times.

Think of the scale of eighteen governors, lyu3 bu4 is now able to understand why dong zhuo dare to fight with the governors of the world.Zhang he pale, see gun flowers will devour him, but suddenly at the foot of the horse a soft, crashing down, d a stab empty, zhang he escaped a bullet, also regardless of the image, a lazy donkey rolling on the spot, avoid d crotch horse stampede, turned to rob a horse, turned around and ran."In the best of circumstances, unexpectedly also lost so nimbly." Scanned the horses galloping ride array, lyu3 bu4 shook his head and smiled, the facts once again proved that a will be incapable of exhausting the armed forces is a truth.高端装备概念股




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