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公嬉乱小说|淮南市职业教育中心"Yes." Fang Yun is MiaoShang strong arm, usually many things are not to hide from him, this matter naturally know, the present 1510, will know the matter of their own bamboo said again like beans."What do you want me to wait for, sir?" Soon, four people followed XiongKuoHai into ZhongJun handsome account, but see marotta is holding a sheepskin scroll in the look, with some excitement on his face, all unlike normal cold and calm."Master, it doesn't matter?" Zhou Cang came to lyu3 bu4, frown, giffin, after all, is lyu3 bu4 forced to get, if the evil intention, secretly united white water qiang scheming, really can't clean up.

"Clatter ~""Hey, how dare you?" Xiongkuo haiwen speech, is some disobedience, since ancient times no first wu no second, listening to others in their ears say how fierce others, naturally uncomfortable, disdainfully curled his mouth: "is not what people have the right to call thousands of improper courage, I'm afraid, also can only be male in the qiang people!""Eldest brother, Mr. Hua Tuo is out." Ma dai surprised sound sounded behind him, d, suddenly got up and strode into the corridor, is seeing hua tuo out of the wing.公嬉乱小说|"Tomorrow, the army will return, hope, worries can give me an answer, also give yourself an answer. Lyu3 bu4 heart know marotta has been moved, even for a moment, but enough.

公嬉乱小说|"Die!" D suddenly sent out a violent drink, the wolf teeth gun in the hands across a strange arc in the air, smashed larocca's defense, cold gun front severely tear larocca's skin, shattered throat bone, larocca's neck through the whole hole, followed by a strangle, cruel larocca's head was born to pull down."Go ahead." Lyu3 bu4 smell speech, I lost interest for a second, D but in his early twenties, There is a lot of room for growth, larocca thirty-six years old, has fallen out of the peak, unexpectedly just tied with d, at least now d's strength, although outstanding, but also just to step into the first-class realm, larocca, I'm afraid it won't take a few years to fall out of the first-class, growth space is too small, as for other aspects... doesn't seem like much.

Horseshoe tapping the sound of the earth, shattered the short-lived joy, to break the empty screaming awakened the drunk huns warrior, accompanied by a dense burst of empty sound, countless arrows from the sky with the shrill screaming tears the quiet of the night."Dang ~"Although morale did not recover, But d is not prepared to continue to wait, Lyu3 bu4 soldiers less, but west cool army thousands of miles to attack, hay supply is very difficult, the longer the time dragged on, the more adverse to the west cool army, he is the master, if there is no achievement on the back, but a big blow to his reputation, now d some understand why with this very happy to give him the position of master.公嬉乱小说|





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