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矢野浩二老婆傅晶|三角画架A group of jiangdong soldiers also like the duck was strangled neck general speechless, before called ferocious, but at the moment guan yu so generous opened YuanMen, they suddenly found no recruit.Although the young body is sufficient, but it is difficult to hide that childish, a self-confessed brave children cold hum 1: "But a class of children, they kill with me!"Mean, the new city is not the main battlefield of the battle, liu bei in the two counties left force is not much, at the moment under the internal emptiness, by wei yan they easily breached is not surprising, but pound or some uncomfortable, as lyu3 bu4's five elite commander-in-chief, now even the gates can't touch, say out, how much some shame.

"Back to the division, not lyu3 bu4, but jiangdong, in early september, jiangdong sneak attack jiangxia, now has been repulsed by the tetrarch, and counterattack into wood mulberry." Someone a face of excitement way."Besides this road, is there any other way to get into Jiangzhou?" Wei Yan looked at the map, some distressed asked, shu this terrain is sometimes really very humiliating, even if there is a military advantage is useless, often a mountain range will be able to protect a large area.On the other hand, li hun received the message, then the whole time, ready to go into the city to assist ma they captured lu zheng, before they had time to leave, then see the male broad sea with a wave of troops, each is the guanzhong elite, people have not yet arrived, the fierce Xiao Keli gas has permeated.矢野浩二老婆傅晶|Guan yu let a chair, sitting outside the tent, coldly looking at YuanMen open.

矢野浩二老婆傅晶|"You're going to kill me!" Wu jin incredible look to lu zheng.Zhang Fei is like a sharp blade, With his own personal guard constantly in the other side of the army ripped open a gap, Zhang Ren was in command, constantly commanding the soldiers quickly to make up for Zhang Fei's tear, Shouting ShaSheng accompanied by the splash of blood, Over time, the more intense, Zhang Fei clashed several times, With courage, to and fro in the midst of the enemy, But zhang ren shu army although not as elite as wei yan military forces, but the military forces he commanded for a long time, mobilized such as arms, although momentum was suppressed by zhang fei, but exceptionally tough, zhang fei several times want to break through the encirclement to cut will seize the flag have failed to succeed, but almost let himself in the encirclement, then dare not rashly break into the array."What the hell is going on?" Zhang Fei found the ruined brute soldiers general, angry roar shock mountain birds have startled: "Where is your prince!"

Chapter ninety-seven confrontation"Kongming, why don't you take advantage of the other party's main force before it arrives?" Zhang fei calculated to go out to fight with wei yan, when the tiger fastened shut, two people actually met, but then jingzhou army commander-in-chief is CAI, two people met, but not how to hand over, at the moment to hear is an old opponent, nature is a little itchy.An arrow, there is no time for the second round of arrow rain, guan yu has taken the lead in the crowd, with the horse fast, struggling to the dragon crescent moon knife a slant, blade by horse speed with head.矢野浩二老婆傅晶|




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