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波塞冬2山樟木"Here!" Lieutenant smell speech, hurriedly promised 1, with people downtown, to collect straw."Since d defeat back to the west cool, between the two sides will have dirty, candidate died, Korea hence want to ask back candidate department military forces, just d angry candidate at the time of negative combat, and also lost a lot of their own, refuse to deliver, plus d in qiang people, quite prestigious, candidate department also all sincerely attached, don't want to return to Korea hence.""Yes!" Look at d look, pound know, if don't let the horse out of the bad breath, d really dare to do so, the moment sent to inform candidates, of course, if really put the original words in the past, candidates I'm afraid will directly turn over, nature will add some modifications, but the meaning is conveyed.

Han Sui smell speech, hurriedly untie his brocade robe, a throw away."Brother Yang, take it easy." Giffin smiled and waved. "Brother Yang doesn't have to be paranoid," he said. "My master came here to show his sincerity. He only brought a team of Qinwei, less than a hundred people.""Of course." Lyu3 bu4 nodded: "Baishui qiang can enjoy the same status as the han people, naturally also want to carry out the same obligations, Baishui qiang's army must listen to the general mansion, of course, pay and all kinds of treatment, will also be the same as the han people."波塞冬2Trench slow population, to changan, at least a month, lyu3 bu4 and marotta left huai county on the fourth day, was sent back to changan by Chen gong messenger, please.

波塞冬2Korea hence complacent, after waiting for the rain to stop, then gung-ho, break linjing, Ma Shi remnant forces completely wiped away from the west cool, dark night, linjing south gate quietly opened, a cavalry XianMei, horse feet, quietly risking more and more rain, to linjing west, quickly didn't into the thick of the night.Martial arts will know, pick bow and arrow, arrow cluster broken, an arrow into the "soldier" body, the "soldier" unexpectedly did not even have any reaction.Oil lamp under the flame, Korea hence again looked at the hands of the appointment document.

Han then suddenly looked back and caught up with Liu Meng. "When did this happen?"Hurriedly dressed in belligerent armor, with weapons, cao peng with a sword, and ran to the wall with people panic, xinfeng magistrate zhang has been anxiously on the wall at the moment, cao peng up, toward the direction of zhong yao barracks, but see in the barracks flames, complexion is not changed greatly.Yang Qiu and a group of ShouJiang depressed by a group of angry qiang people, knelt down in front of lyu3 bu4.波塞冬2




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