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韩庚姜俊英|骨老太Guan yu slightly frown, at the moment jiangdong army has been into the city, the wall to continue to keep it is no longer necessary, harsh voice way: "ring the trumpet, life from the west side of the city.""Tracing the cause?" Guan Yu smell speech can not help laughing: "It seems that there is no one in Jiangdong, unexpectedly sent this yellow mouth children led the troops, don't worry, just stick to the city, after my accomplishment, then to break the Jiangdong military forces, straight to the construction industry!"On the city of nanyang, because of the reason of the trenches, it is difficult for nanyang city to send scouts to inspect the surrounding areas, plus pound's blockade, so that the city of nanyang is almost cut off from the outside world, only to see pound these days continue to dig trenches in the periphery, for a time puzzled.

On the city of nanyang, li yan hand arbor, looked at each other began to dig trenches, around a few generals look a little ugly: "general, so dig down, our advantage is gone!""Here!" At slightly hand promised, this command, is usually conveyed by him.Even if Zhuge Liang could come up with a solution in such a short time, It is also difficult to practice, but gossip, for zhuge liang, has been thoroughly studied, to break is not difficult, between life and death, as long as you find the right, can be easily solved, but the simplification of the disgusting place is here, in order to simplify and remove many essence, although weak, but also weak shortcomings.韩庚姜俊英|Rao is so, zhuge liang also had to consider how to deal with the guanzhong soldiers, weapons is one of the military strength, complain that the other armor of the benefit of some ridiculous, but zhuge liang had to comfort people with these words, they armor is too strong, in fact, the opponent itself is not as good as you?

韩庚姜俊英|He is a mediocre man who is not envy, As I was told, Not afraid of people scold, afraid of no one scold, a society, if there is only one voice, that is an abnormal thing, of course, these people can't be used to, some pertinent opinions lyu3 bu4 will collect, but some people scold for scold, sorry, this life wealth, career even with you, don't tell me what you are.Chapter one hundred and fifteen tracing the cause of the troopsAfter some even said changan king or luoyang king, was ousted directly from the hall.

On the other hand, li hun received the message, then the whole time, ready to go into the city to assist ma they captured lu zheng, before they had time to leave, then see the male broad sea with a wave of troops, each is the guanzhong elite, people have not yet arrived, the fierce Xiao Keli gas has permeated.After a wick of incense, Just replaced with Li Hun, Cheng Fang, who was preparing to return to the camp, was stopped by a group of people. Head of the people shrouded in a cloak, can't see clearly, behind him, is dozens of soldiers, although wearing the armor of ordinary soldiers, but Cheng Fang can also count as a time-honored battlefield, just a glance, then see these seem to be ordinary soldiers, absolutely climb out of the pile of dead, Chengdu when so much of a team?Then follow the soldiers ferociously rushed into the formation of jiangdong army, two pikes directly through the chest of a soldier, jingzhou soldiers who were stabbed through the body but not stop, with ferocious expression on his face, hard against the pike rushed to the front of each other, a knife chop off a jiangdong soldiers head to die.韩庚姜俊英|




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