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樱井丽娅|麻木通"You mean to say that the huns actually set up a bureau to weaken the huns in the first place?" Qiang youth at the moment has been completely meng, looking at the army han, incredible way: "how is this possible?"< / p > < p > liu bao's command to convey, the huns have not gathered all the troops, ha mu son will take the defeated army back, ha mu son also injured, let liu bao surprised, hurriedly took people to find ha mu son tent to ask.Jia xu heart rises a warm meaning, nod slightly, accepted lv bu's kindness.

"Face."Guo jia leans on brocade cushion above, narrow an eye slightly to smile a way: "lv bu is now graininess grass, perhaps also difficult maintain 100 thousand army?"O thou dint and looked at the han, eyes flashed a killing machine, and then quietly to Cain, sullen nodded, simply follow the han came to ZhongJun handsome account, after the han need, into account, are seeing yesterday that descent, kill him when burning and Korea hence coalition scurrying han generals, although last night, he says this defeat is already planned, but when the p. o see zhang liao, still feel a trace of fear in his bones, but he is zhang liao have dismounted, were it not for who, at the moment I'm afraid I have long been soldiers before stepping into meat.樱井丽娅|If it were not for lu bu's strict military law, lu lingqi did not dare to offend the words, I am afraid that they dare to go directly to the city to discuss.

樱井丽娅|"By the way, take that pin with you, although it's not very brainy, but if you charge, you can use it in the future." "Lu lingqi ordered again."Although vice du tong Yang ding together rebel, before already died in the disorderly army." "The chief of one of the guards bowed.The first row crouched down on the spot and began to fill the case of the crossbow. The second row quickly buckled the crossbow. At that moment the force of the crossbow was at its maximum.

Spear pierced the air, need through the rain, the huns joy in lyu3 bu4 left hands quickly is broken, after the first wave of a cluster of arrows rain, followed by dark ride array as a black torrent ruthlessly hit into the huns messy inside the camp, with the frequent tore heart crack lung of bellow and hysterical roar, YiPengPeng diffuse from the blood of the fog gradually dyed red earth."I don't go back, uncle zhou, look at my copycat, I'm ready to recruit here, do a great deal of let father see, or you also stay to help me. Lv lingqi proudly pointed to his handsome flag.At the same time, lv bu had a huge workshop built here. All kinds of craftsmen gathered from different places were arranged in this workshop.樱井丽娅|




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