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密山六中贴吧|脉诺通"Report to ~ report to the general, Korea hence the army has to fifty miles away!""Burning oil ~ Burning oil!" Instant thought of what the knife shield hand crazy crowded behind the crowd, while hysterical uttered a despairing cry.A gift?

"This matter put aside, marten is dead, with a d alone is not qualified to compete with me in the west cool, sent someone to receive the city, Zhang Bang Anmin, now how many cities our army occupies?" Korea hence shook his head, if not afraid of the horse's father and son in the qiang people's reputation, how can he let marten constantly grow over the years, and his share of the west cool...."Big... adult, open... open the door, or we will be killed!" Just in the heart of both secretly anxious, zhang county commandant hesitated.密山六中贴吧|"You..." At smell speech looked at the country can't say a word, Not to love that month of wine money, country is a wine tank, YingChuan xun also can afford him, just at suddenly thought, last time, the country is to use the death of sun ce, cheated him away for a month of wine money, look alert, looked at the country: "filial piety don't want to help the lyu3 bu4?"

密山六中贴吧|Undeniably, after taking off a suit of armor, the recovery of women's Yang Xi, indeed let a person have a bright feeling, but also not to let a person incarnate as a wave."I can 't wait." Wei Yanchang body, laughed aloud: "zhong yao side if you know the news of the army's defeat, I'm afraid it will soon withdraw, if such as seibel general, afraid has delayed fighters, at this time, is the time to break the enemy.""Drag it out!" Lyu3 bu4 disgusted waved, originally thought there was something amazing to fool yourself, but it seems to be want to report to their families, ha, cao cao people killed two, you again fierce than cao cao?

"Master, then!" He Yi hurriedly threw the party day painting ji to lyu3 bu4.Gate, with a thousand catties of stone fall moment, marten and Matthew heart sink at the same time, followed closely, appeared in the weng cheng, dense west cool soldiers, let marten a heart sink to the bottom of the valley.A mighty-looking herdsman rode up to him and said in stiff Chinese, "Our men have gone to inform the king. Please wait a moment."密山六中贴吧|




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