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犀利人妻结局|地参果Lu bu looked at the document in jia xu's hand and said, "calculate, there is a period of time not back to chang 'an, and the state of the matter by wen yuan and jiang xu, and ma chao, pang DE assisted, should be wordless, wen he, ready to return to chang 'an tomorrow.'kill him!

"No!" Li shuxiang stubborn a straight chest, proud way."Well!" < / p > < p > pro wei promised a sound, hurriedly down the city flying horse clearance, to luoyang emergency.< / p > < p > luoyang city, the arrival of the xiongkuo sea did not give gao shun and wei yan how much help, xiongkuo sea is a good general, but liu guan zhang was left behind by CAI MAO outside the tiger prison to contain xu sheng, the remaining jingxiang generals, if the general, let alone xiongkuo sea, is wei yan now also can sweep jingxiang generals.犀利人妻结局|Chapter 18 the first snow of the fifth year

犀利人妻结局|If there is a person with clear vision to observe and think seriously, it is not difficult to find that, with the rise of lv bu in kanto and continuous growth, some inherent unbreakable concept of hierarchy in a little loose, but to really achieve these things, at least at present is not the time."Ready -- fire!"Now lv bu has the northwest and is the dominant party. He is competing with yuan cao for the supremacy of the north.

"I knew it." Pang tong suddenly feel some lost, although there is no allegiance to lu bu, but he ran to the western regions to now from follow Addis, seems to have been helped lyu3 bu4, or the kind of free, a thought of here, in the mind is some imbalance, although there is no advise, plot, but figure out what you have to do for lu bu, a state secretariat also like that, or compulsory.The sound of cicadas was annoying, but the four characters in the poster at the gate were ironic. In the dark, many people were waiting to see a joke about lv bu. At the gate of the government office, four soldiers who had been admitted by lv bu to the han nationality, wearing helmets and armour after their achievements, stood upright in front of the door.Perhaps.犀利人妻结局|




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