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张悬男友|水泥瓦成型机"Brother, what's the matter?" Jiang xu came out of the office, his face also with a few dignified, family brother Jiang Jiong now under XiongKuoHai QinWei camp (not a title of generals in ancient times camp) command, it is his turn today, see jiang xu expression dignified, not from doubts."Master ~" xu togeher listened to the two people run, cold sweat straight up, to lombardi hand way: "togeher know people unknown, tired armed forces frustrated, please master to sin.Ke sin said, without thinking to the ground a flutter, a cluster of arrows to break the air, horses in the miserable hiss, thick neck is directly shot through by the cluster of arrows, cold cluster of arrows inverted in Ke sin less than three feet away from Ke sin, frightened Ke sin all over the cold.

Lyu3 bu4 looked up and said to Kui-tou, "If the king gives me forty thousand horses, I will help the king to win his first victory. The king can stay in the king's court and gather the warriors of other tribes to prepare for a decisive battle."Kirby can not ignore the explanation, behind TaBaJi powder has a knife toward him, hurriedly break open MurongGui machete, a Mali hiding, with superb riding slipped to the side of the horse."Thank you very much." Lyu3 bu4 solemnly nodded his head and looked to the root of the step: "I would like to join the king's court."张悬男友|"We... just want to live!" Uncle Akun's face was flushed and his limbs twisted, but the strength of the roots was so great that no matter how hard he struggled, he could not free himself from them.

张悬男友|Stephen was first attacked by Uncle Aquin, Seriously wounded, After that, a series of battles, albeit for a short time, But it drives the flow of blood inside the body, The blood on the waist has not stopped for a moment, at this moment a head rushed out of the tribe YuanMen, mind a loose moment, the mind is also a dizziness, perception and body reaction in this moment into hysteresis, coincided with Kirby can shoot an arrow, although the heart gave birth to warning signs, but unable to avoid, a pain in the back of the heart, the cold arrow cluster has penetrated his heart."Just …" Qui-tou hesitated. "Tuoba Ji-fen is also my subordinate, we can send someone to reconcile."Wang yong stiffly holding a knife, teeth trembling, looking at lyu3 bu4, can't say a word, no doubt equal to default, a moment, around eight hundred county soldiers eyes changed, although still dare not move, but they are more than a wave of anger, not to lyu3 bu4, but to wang yong.

"Drive ~" shook his head, lyu3 bu4 legs suddenly a clip, horses eat pain, began rushing from the rear of the turbulent cavalry.Take a deep breath, country wry smile way: "After this world war, xianbei chaos, internal strife will continue, I'm afraid no one in the world dare to call him three surname slaves, master in the future, will also be a major enemy!"Falling in to grant shook his head: "emperor star hidden, the stars bloom, there are signs of chaos, if the tetrarch can sweep away cao cao, can also redefine jiangshan, but if..."张悬男友|





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