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朝南宿舍|紧固器The noisy fighting and fighting startled away the birds, Shu army combat routines and military forces in the central plains have obvious differences, after a strong charge was finally Wei Yan strong bow strength crossbow to shoot back, yan yan left hundreds of bodies, decisive with people began to retreat between the two sides of the mountain, mountain forest very good hinder the guanzhong soldiers strong bow strength crossbow, and wei yan also did not go too far.On the other hand, tardif was guan yu that waved two knife frightened heart and gall, fled back to the city, had been ready to face jingzhou army, who knows guan yu didn't siege, but retreat back to camp."Well, if the other three agree, I'll agree!" Li Hun finally bit his teeth, Although the loss of lyu3 bu4 this financial path is somewhat disappointing, But it doesn't matter, Even if you don't join lyu3 bu4, can also organize caravan traders, just a little less profit, but join liu bei, but can get the ownership of the land, have these things, one is the status of the relationship, the other is also life-saving things, why the family is fierce, put it bluntly, to support a large group of children, once rebellion, mobilized up the force is not small.

Army mighty come over, and then so powerful retreat, zhang fei for a time can't understand what's going on in the minds of these people?In order to avoid trouble among these Shu troops, Lu Zheng Chengdu garrison will be divided into six thirty thousand troops, each five thousand people, from the defected shu will choose a commander, Wang Shuangze is responsible for commanding wei yan left guanzhong elite, governor of the six troops, in order to avoid soldiers because of the change of general resistance, but also the maximum general power in his hands."Guan yu I an arrow, but I had done my best, the arrow can't hurt bones and muscles, can't give him a chance to recover, male seedlings, you hurry to urge tracing the cause of general, let him quickly sent troops to catch and kill guan yu, I'll take people out of the city challenge, frustrate jingzhou army spirit, call him not good again!" Tardif excitedly pulled HeQi way.朝南宿舍|"Retreat!" YanYan waving flags to the valley below the retreat, at the same time began to lead the military forces began to retreat, finally saw the guanzhong strong crossbow today, but at least in the shu, relying on favorable terrain, YanYan or some grasp, as long as wei dare to catch up, he has a way to close the distance between the two sides, and then a close battle!

朝南宿舍|"Military strategist, big thing, how do you so..." A general found zhuge liang look wrong, hurriedly waved, motioned to the people to stop talking, turned his head to zhuge liang.The spark of a weapon crash, Blood blooms in the throbbing sound of battle, In the daylight, the fierce battle lines spread around in the not-so-empty area outside Deyang County, Arrows with the low scream of death across the air, into the shields of both sides, tenacious rattan shield although able to defend bows and arrows, but the area of defense after all is not enough, even with rattan shield, hand and foot in some places accidentally an arrow, combat effectiveness is basically half of the waste.

"No, I can't! Ziyi, break through!" He qi a knife will be a jingzhou soldiers head split fly, wiped a handful of blood on his face, rushed to tardif, loudly drink a way."Wu Chin?" Cheng Fang frowned. "What's he doing here so late?""How dare I break your army!" Zhang fei black face cold hum 1, zhang eight snake spear in hand, rear soldiers with zhang fei's action, began to slowly forward.朝南宿舍|





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