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宝岛规律网天车遥控器Lyu3 bu4 here, is to January 10 stone to pay, one hundred and twenty stone, before, has been a satrap-level salary, and magistrate, in the system of officials, and county commanders these belong to the lowest level of officials, and then up, satrap, the main book, don't drive the state secretariat of the following officials, than in previous years the han dynasty official system has not a small promotion.Zhang he great anger, in the hands of a pike show, to meet the male broad sea, two people under the gate, launched a desperate struggle, at the same time, the gate was finally opened by He Man, rumbling hoofs have gradually become particularly clear outside the door, zhang he complexion is not changed greatly."Each leader, stationed outside the city, not will make, can't step into the city!" Lyu3 bu4 turned and dismounted, to pound and other humanitarian: "a title of generals in ancient times camp with me into the city!"

"Suddenly, there's something you need to do." Think clearly of the fierce, lyu3 bu4 nature can't let LanZhan this woman behind the wind and rain and indifferent, passively beaten, see recruit demolition, has never been lyu3 bu4's character, his idea, is to attack instead"That 's all!" Lombardi bored hum 1, abruptly way: "give me pass each county, but see liu bei, need not ask more, kill directly, bring up a head to see!"Yang Wu, with a huge defeat in the battle of Guandu, Lombardi collapsed, Jizhou, Youzhou, Many cities choose to wait and see, No longer obey lombardi, Lombardi is overwhelmed, Cao Cao took the opportunity to cross the Yellow River, occupied the former Yuan Shaotun army Yangwu, Cao cao at the moment some complacent, guandu battle, not only won victory on the battlefield, but also earned enough political capital for himself, bing at the moment in a mess, YangWu barracks, but is filled with joy, cao cao after occupying YangWu, obtained a lot of trench, surrounding counties also sent a lot of hay.宝岛规律网Chapter 48 night attack

宝岛规律网"Don't worry, my sources are absolutely reliable." Kirby gleamed softly in his eyes and looked at the crowd with a smile. "The last time we were able to see every move of Stewart Root, it was because of her help that Stewart Root was easily defeated," he said.Said, his troops are slowly exiting the city.

All smell speech can not help but suddenly."A title of generals in ancient times, Lv! It was he!" Zhang Gu can even hear the sound of wang yong's teeth trembling beside him, not only him, even when he saw the flag representing lyu3 bu4, there is an impulse to sit down.Thinking of these things, in front of the abandoned imperial city in the eyes of wei also become particularly lovely, believe it won't take long, his wei's reputation, will be famous here.宝岛规律网





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