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触摸屏上市公司回收太阳能电池片"Obey master!" The rest of shu will see more and more people kneel down, blindly following pang tong's blueprint, and falling down on their knees one after another. In the end, only liu standing there in his own place, looking at the whole hall of shu generals kneeling on the ground, with uncertain faces, neither kneeling nor kneeling"That...... General zhang ren... Pang tong gave a smile and saw zhang ren. Lu bringli made it clear that zhang ren assisted lu zheng. At this time, he wanted to use zhang ren.

Deng xian and ling bao also came forward and knelt down with zhang ren."General liu, take back what you just said. General Ben may as well not have heard anything." Zhang ren did not answer, but only looked at liu, sinking slowly"What? The commander is dead! ?" The soldiers who were near heard the little soldier's voice, and the whole bank of the river burst open.触摸屏上市公司"But does justice have a plan to teach me?" < / p > < p > liu zhang saw huang quan out, complexion is not a happy, although he had done before huang quan, but huang quan has been a loyal servant in shu, should...... About...... You'll help yourself out.

触摸屏上市公司Although lost jiangxia, even lost guan ping's life to make Chen very angry, but did not go to his reason, in this case, can not fight."In terms of military strategy, he may not be better than you, but he is good at planning and also good at scheming. When I was in lumen academy, Mr. Shuijing put me two people in the same position. He was very good at making decisions outside the battlefield. Pang tong nodded."General zhang ren? Lu zheng twist a head to look at zhang ren, specifically requested, this is zhang ren lu bu and personally ordered to milan, with lu zheng understanding of their own Lao tze, were it not for this as a true have ability, how can lu bu so highly, treat people, since the childhood, plus lyu3 bu4 precept, lu zheng or very seriously, not to direct command.

Xia hou sat down sulkily for a long time and sighed. Now he hoped liu bei had done it. If it had been liu bei, he could have sent someone to scold him, but instead of lu bu...Now liu zhang has been surrendered, pang tong began to stabilize the political situation in chengdu, while arranging the recruitment of all the cities of ba county, and wei yan began to arrange the surrender of 130,000 shu army.Pouring rain let beacon tower lost its role, volt suddenly felt, if you want to break jiangxia, this will be a good opportunity, as long as jiangdong sent people to siege xiakou, hangman Chen, occupy xiakou, the jiangxia door is equal to be opened a hole.触摸屏上市公司





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