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旭梦晨|硅片回收多少钱一斤"Go ahead! Guan yu saw two people stand up, ordered the way.Chapter 21 the conflict between dragon and phoenix"A elder sister, can you, do for CAI family, also remain these." CAI MAO silently turned over and mounted the horse, took the hand handed to the gun, looking at their own pro-guard command: "before the things you ordered, have you remembered?"

"Good!" < / p > < p > huang zhonglang drink a, guan zhang reputation outside, but huang zhong is not afraid, liu bei and others see no longer blocked, let him retreat."What about Mr. Ziyang?" Came to special workshop outside, xh some anxious inquired, today is the last day of the January deadline, but he can't wait, after the reaction is abnormal, such as thirty thousand troops here, don't attack, is playing out, waiting for someone to attack, and clearly the other party didn't mean too much positive showdown with him, also not siege, xh don't think zhang liao ran so bored with their waste a hay, there, I'm afraid I have a plot, in order to prevent the other party in the upstream reservoir, xh also has set up a team, before and after containment.Turned a head to see one eye zhao class head: "do what you should do!"旭梦晨|Salute on both sides, after a match again, this time, tracing the cause and gu shao bowed to have a lot of knowledge rules, see also more into god, imagine the scene of d blast in did not appear, these women, toughness is dye-in-the-wood and riding superb, although spelling but opponents on the power, but is more clever than day camp on flexible, variety, drove d lost in battle, until the last moment, only to a narrow victory, it was in millions of women in the audience sigh.

旭梦晨|In the face of zhang liao side of the terrible arrow rain attack, xiahou yuan dare not again hard touch, can only retreat camp, keep the camp, waiting for the arrival of follow-up baggage.'just what I want! Wei yan laughed and said, "but I want to march tonight and arrive at nan zheng before dawn tomorrow. The military adviser can then arrive. I will leave wei yue here to guard the city."Chapter 30 aid

"Kill ~"Five cao will zhaoyun ignored the ground corpse, the horse back to front, continue to wait for a wick sweet time in the past, watched the wick sweet has to end, as long as the burn, is the time to attack, one after another, the members of the white horse camp, fresh constantly wipes his bolt, to fill the arrow box, only to burn down a wick sweet, then fell swoop camp, to kill."Mediation can not, this time there are hundreds of people, went to the mediation of the army was also beaten!" The soldier bitter way, at this time Yang rencai found that the soldier's face is also green.旭梦晨|




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