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000815股吧氯仿价格"Two hours later, the emissary came, willing to declare his allegiance to our army. At the same time, he invited us to send some strong generals to help garrison the troops. After all, they are Allies.The old hound looked anxiously at the old master who had slipped down and dragged him up. Unfortunately, he was too old to be dragged at all. He turned his head and took a look at the approaching horses."General lee, sit down." Zhang liao waved and smiled a little.

The next morning, zhang liao summoned li kan and asked him to take an army from han sui to linzi to carry grain and grass."It is none of your business, madam." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, touch the sable cicada's belly, gently sigh, Addis if is man, even if she didn't want to, lyu3 bu4 will will he put on the battlefield, with a stick as son of lu bu, even losing my touch, at least, shouldn't we, unfortunately, only a daughter, have hao male heart, how let person some helpless.000815股吧

000815股吧"Ha, this month's wang now want to ask for help, it seems that before, really out of our army control of the mind." < / p > < p > hetao grassland, lu bu in the army accounts, after seeing zhang liao to their own information, lu bu hissing.'be rude to my young lady, take it away! Cang cold hum 1, before the message, saying that article is JingXiang star, although don't know how to use, but if caught, but cannot put so to run, the line of men with hired away in the direction of the new item, leaving a dead bodies, such as xiangyang loyalist found, where there is cang et al.Sound loud and nodded. "hundreds of career, but internal burning when, with a soldier, lyu3 bu4 itself is just a handful of many, although the han sui, but the west is cool and harmony state, now would not be able to stay in the army of thousands, if lu bu clever, this time shouldn't be thinking about how to intervene in the world, but grooming itself."

Feng yi, Lin jin, pu banjin ferry.The cheers that resound in the courtyard, lv bu has been unable to attend to, a few steps dash into a room inside, come to bed edge, look at a face pale and weak sable cicada, some love dearly of pull sable cicada of hand."That, consigliere... "The magnificent sea looked at li ru and said," is the Lord really attacking xiongnu in hetao grassland?"000815股吧




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