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用力啊用力好深快点|小型客货车Both cao and liu bei to lu bu has studied for years, including the order of lyu3 bu4, every one, carefully research, lyu3 bu4 economic penetration nature were the way they see through, in recent years, although has been introduced in lyu3 bu4 technology in respect of the people's livelihood, but the caravan of lyu3 bu4 limit is great, oneself's caravan, must also be obtained after cao cao allowed to trade, but also by the government strictly monitored, earnings have largely owned by the government, for many economic penetration means lyu3 bu4, most of the time they are used, prevention, also let lyu3 bu4 in terms of economic penetration, Is not as at the outset to deal with the western region countries general ideal.What is missing from Confucianism?But it was funny, though this time lyu3 bu4 under ju-men by zheng xuan skill out of students have been rushing about to resume the Confucian position, but for the central plains of scholastic Shouting, no one to respond, do anything she likes, even if the kanto many came to changan academy singling out to celebrities, but changan academy of intellectuals in addition to say oneself is very busy, even with interest all owe to serve each other open debate.

"Father, how am I doing? Until there are no other people around, lv zheng just some caper looked at lv bu, after all, he is still a child...."General, what happened to cao jun?" "Asks an aide.用力啊用力好深快点|The sound of the horn rang through xuchang city sky, countless guards smell sound and move, the palace, heard the sound of the horn, cao cao complexion oneChange, turned to look outside the palace, carefully listen to the sound of the trumpet, for a long time, the complexion became gloomy down, turned to see not far in front of the body fu over, angry scold way: "everyone dare bully me!"

用力啊用力好深快点|Time passes in a twinkling of an eye to June, his city, for the whole city was completely blocked, yecheng is zhang liao, and most of the troops and ares crossbow transfer to the town of things xh didn't notice, the time has come to a month, xh fretted about in the tent, he doesn't know what on earth are liu do, only hope to be able to make restraint opponents, these days, the cast camps like a hard shell, tried many ways have failed to work, even want to dig tunnels, the place of more than ten zhangs, accidentally dug too much, is difficult to grasp."It was lv bu's army situation in guanzhong who cao sakong was thinking about! Now, after years of recuperation and recuperation, guanzhong has received barbarians from all over the world, with a growing population and a growing military force. Although your majesty is the son of heaven, he is now regarded as a tiger by jiang dongsun in the south.In the moment of Chen deng losing his mind, a dagger comes out from Chen deng's throat. Chen GUI suddenly turns around and sees the maid who just blundered in. I do not know when Chen deng got behind him with a short sword in his hand.

"Zilong, is it time for your children to be enlightened?" Pang tong asked suddenly.The ugly scribe, of course, was pang tong. Upon hearing this, he smiled and said, "that pang is waiting here for good news from the general.""Since the sovereign is determined to put an end to the chaos, yizhou must be in the sovereign's hands. Pang tong ponders, "the Lord moves about on a great expedition, and even frequently moves troops and horses around luoyang, which will surely attract the attention of all the sovereigns in the world. However, we will send one of our generals to hanzhong from Chen cang, surprise attack zhang lu, and put hanzhong in our hands, so as to make preparations for our future conquest of yizhou!"用力啊用力好深快点|




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