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堪培拉的风88欧标工字钢Gao shun however, two armies engage in battle, and not alone, there is no fair to speak of, if not to find an opponent to play, that died in the hands of lu bu those fierce will not be very wrong?"General, let the flag go, or you and I will die!" Kuai before the command from the side, block d, it's a pity that military boldness of jingzhou has lost, could not block d, is backed by almost, this time, if again let ShuaiQi followed behind him, not only has lost the ability of commander in chief military forces, more can let d, is inferior to discard ShuaiQi, can also get a chance.

"What about me, general?" Seeing all the men were sent out, but he was left behind. He couldn't wait to ask, "the Lord asked me to capture several jingzhou generals alive.""Well!" Three people smell speech, hurriedly lead life but go.Of course, if lu bu was willing to wait for ten or twenty years to develop the population, cao cao would have become the overlord. I don't know how long the war would last, and lu bu would have to rely on time to kill all the heroes in the world.堪培拉的风88"General, why did you withdraw?" In the army tent, pound looked at zhang liao with a puzzled look: "that han rong is good at martial arts, but he is old enough to fight at the end."

堪培拉的风88"Faster than I can see! Zhang he just stood there, hurriedly took over the letter, glance at it, but gradually became ugly."Well, let yan, formulate a set of system, and from these slaves, according to their performance, slaves to send out some good performance, and then transferred to bing, if true have conflict, I will take them on the battlefield, personally promised them, and kill a man, work can be avoided, given identity, second-class people killed 10 people can get Chinese identity, if can continue to contributions, and other soldiers, can get a reward and GuanJue." Lu bu indifferent way.Zhaoyun nodded slowly.

"Line not change name, sit not change surname, jin fan gan ning is also!" Although the young general is just an ordinary general, but with a fierce spirit, even if the body has been zhaoyun stabbed a number of wounds, but it seems as if hun if do not know, a fish scales knife dancing, scales shining, knife gas threatening, have the posture of the end of life together."Poof ~"When yuan's soldiers saw the yuanmen suddenly open the door, they were slightly startled and gave out a shout to kill them into the camp. However, they heard a sharp sound of hooves. Pound had led the cavalry out of the camp.堪培拉的风88




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