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022同城交友网|什么项目国家有补贴"It seems that neither you nor I can persuade anyone." Pang tong sighed, in the past, when the deer gate, two people often do academic debate, is who can't persuade each other, did not expect today, or so: "then the day down to determine the outcome, if the master of the other day broken xiangyang, I will ask master for your mercy.""Tracing the cause has gathered in danyang, wu county fifty thousand troops, master, our army is not without the force of world war I, why to the liu bei?" Tardif stepped forward and handed him his hand. "Master," he said, "please grant me permission. Tomorrow I will go to Qua to fight Guan Yu."Silent street, a young man with five hundred guanzhong elite, will block them in the road, young body neck long, eyebrows with a thin vigor, holding a silver gun, horizontal gun immediately block in front of the people, will hand gun a lead, lang track: "west cool horse autumn here, wait for the usurper, don't catch!"

"Damn it!" Wei Yan grunted angrily: "Defense!"Three days later, Zhuge Liang began to withdraw his troops from all fronts, Army returned to jiangzhou endlessly, When Pang Tong got the news, Zhang ren, wei yan sent troops to pursue, Have been ambushed, defeat and return, to this pang tong also can only have the heart powerless, zhuge liang to go, he can't stop now, shu terrain is too suitable for the ambush, and zhuge liang cautious, how can't prevent pang tong chase, chase at the moment, I'm afraid not good, pang tong can only wait for zhuge liang to withdraw troops, just began to recover the southern counties of yi zhou step by step.022同城交友网|Guan Yu's face was calm and he didn't say a word until he returned to his camp, where he almost fell to the ground. Xing Daorong said this and hurriedly stepped forward to help him. "General," he said, "but he's not feeling well."

022同城交友网|As Guan Yu was too well-known before, At that foot of Funiu mountain, Even cut jiangdong general, from wood mulberry all the way to kill, is almost as overwhelming, alone this momentum, for the garrison, is a big blow, no matter what the truth, but now the most important thing is to let the garrison believe that guan yu is not so god in the legend, this day and night of storming, is not the same by them?As it now appear, What I did, Just like giving lyu3 bu4 a free advertisement, Now lyu3 bu4 will print out a take, the authenticity of the seal needless to say, and at this time, cao cao sent troops, a division unknown, second, just played a big battle, is the central plains population, also can't withstand that consumption, in a short time, even if cao cao cao heart with lyu3 bu4 dry again, also can't stand it.Peter said tardif and zhou tai rushed to danyang, tracing the cause, tracing the cause of tardif life and He Qi meet first, station troops flank auxiliary army.

"What do you have in mind?" Pound rubbed his temples and turned to look at them."What? Come on, gather the horses!" Xie Yun a surprised, hurriedly ordered people to assemble military forces, when the wall is narrow, how can five thousand troops suddenly gathered together, have not yet wait for military orders to convey, Wang Shuangyi surprised with five hundred soldiers on the wall.Zhuge Liangwen speech can not help but silence, good friend in the past, today, after all, to the battlefield, the heart is also complicated, to pang tong fuels, two people quietly return to the true, then, it is time to see the real chapter on the battlefield.022同城交友网|




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