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男子殴打拘禁情敌企税通"Hmm?" Wang Shuang's eyes were cold and he waved, "Kill!"Time pushed back to September 3, Lv Meng took advantage of the heavy rain in the river ambush, wipe out Chen to jiangxia after the main force, into the jiangxia.As it now appear, What I did, Just like giving lyu3 bu4 a free advertisement, Now lyu3 bu4 will print out a take, the authenticity of the seal needless to say, and at this time, cao cao sent troops, a division unknown, second, just played a big battle, is the central plains population, also can't withstand that consumption, in a short time, even if cao cao cao heart with lyu3 bu4 dry again, also can't stand it.

"Er..." Zhang Fei frowned at Zhuge Liang. "Didn't you say it was the other side's plan?"This person is the liu bei let Ma Liang invite five streams pretty prince sha mo ke, hand a iron thistle bone weight up to one hundred jin, valiant exception, at the moment see wei unexpectedly take the initiative to kill, not big, abandon the small soldiers directly, to meet wei.Guan yu slightly frown, at the moment jiangdong army has been into the city, the wall to continue to keep it is no longer necessary, harsh voice way: "ring the trumpet, life from the west side of the city."男子殴打拘禁情敌"Poof ~" then see Wei Yan's elite quickly distanced, Three or five people form a small group, looks like each other, but secretly echoed each other, a jingzhou soldiers rushed up with a shield, haven't had time to wave a knife, arm was chopped off, followed by a chopping sword quickly across each other's throat, someone easily snatched the vine shield from his hand, followed by the top.

男子殴打拘禁情敌Ma smell speech, can't help but frown slightly, this is contrary to his plan, no doubt, but wu into their two troops failed to arrive, ma shaken confidence at the moment, smell speech can not help nodding: "In that case, it is not too late, life Xie Yun, li hun two generals led the army around the guanzhong military forces, I immediately set out, catch lu zheng."Not don't want to, just when the manpower is poor, jingzhou war situation has been played to this point, he doesn't believe lyu3 bu4 will be indifferent, and pang tong even got shu, as long as strangle the main road, pang tong want to send troops from shu, into jingzhou, but also difficult."Take away their weapons! Drive them to the harbor!" Although there are many guan yu cronies in a desperate struggle, but most military forces have been please to fall, the situation has been completely under control, tracing the cause looked at the soldiers, eyes flashed a cold awn.

"Whew ~""So what?" Li hun has now retreated into the crowd, looked at XiongKuoHai way: "lyu3 bu4 against the sky, finally not good to die, such as its henchmen, I advise you or quickly surrender, lest he be buried with the time! Men, take it down!"The men who stopped the chase quickly picked up the untrampled crossbow from the ground, Started shooting at the enemy, dense arrows rain shot again, this time, jingzhou army is almost mowed grass harvested, zhang fei angrily, want to stabilize the army, but also helpless, watched these have been frightened soldiers shot by the enemy, and he also had to be carried away by the rebels retreat.男子殴打拘禁情敌




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