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ella生产 看到孩子哭疯了|地质勘探钻机价格"Yes." Cao cao seemed to think of something, look more ugly."What! ?" Zhang lu wen yan, complexion a white, feebly lean on the back of the chair, mumble way: "why so quickly?"Luoyang continues, for the construction of the city planning and design has already come out, but to be built, a conservative estimate also get five years, this time after the redesign, luoyang is built according to world-class metropolis, the luoyang city for the past, three times more than the area is large, can accommodate three million people, when completed, is now the chang 'an grand in a few minutes.

"Lord, governor of the ministry of rites Yang fuyang adults to see." Core son bow way."Still use you to say, father early said, will let guang er follow zheng di for a period of time." Lu linghen said.Xiangyang city, hundreds of CAI fu pro wei will kuai home wai of the flood impossibility, CAI fu housekeeper came out, frowning at CAI MAO: "commander this is what?"ella生产 看到孩子哭疯了|"Choo-choo-choo-choo ~"

ella生产 看到孩子哭疯了|"General, the situation is over, let's break through!" Cao will bitter road."Play!""Lv fengxian!" Cao cao suddenly pulled out a waist of the sword, a sword before the table cut into two, a pair of eyes become red.

"Your majesty, I would like to surrender the whole country to the state of paikche. I only ask the king of the state of han to allow the hussar general to spare my people a living way. I am willing to pay back ten times the losses of your army in those years." The three envoys knelt down on the ground, crying and wailing, with a deep sense of despair in their voice.In order to realize this plan, jingzhou was the key, and it was also because of this that even though he wanted to beat lu bu to dust, he remained neutral about sun quan's plan to unite with lu bu."Surrender without killing!ella生产 看到孩子哭疯了|




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